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ugh. i have a junk drawer. it contains all these things...

AKA the watch maddie fail at muted coloring post.  Again
And also spurn pretty much every rule of text she knows.

53. Teen Wolf
01. Star Trek: Into Darkness
08. Harry Potter

+ 2 Teen Wolf tumblr graphics

I'll stop now for awhile.  Honest.  Defeat is admitted.  No more attempts at muted coloring.  *headdesk*  Or any of the things I'm doing here.  God, what a bunch of flub.  *flub-flub flub-flub*  Everyone's entitled to a little fail every now and again, right?  Right?!

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your heart lives in your vagina

09. Merlin
05. Grey's Anatomy
26. Teen Wolf

Ugh.  Those Merlin ones are uggos.  I clearly forgot how to work with those caps entirely.  *huffs*  And I have no idea why my text entry for teenwolf_elite was all red and black.  o.O

There were so many text challenges (7 Different Fonts for the7days) and teenwolf_elite that I just couldn't resist entering.  *grins*

[my heart does not live in my vagina!]
teen wolf x5

teen wolf x5

teen wolf x5

teen wolf x5

teen wolf x5

teen wolf x1  //  grey's anatomy x4

grey's anatomy x1  //  merlin x4

merlin x5

I've been NOMINATED (what? who? me! why?) in these categories:


I'm completely undeserving of being nominated anywhere (I do know this) but I would love if you all would plus one me in Teen Wolf!!!  It's all I have really, lol.  You all know this.  Pity me with support, please.
tw → there are twisted days that i take

this one, who used me to resurrect my psychotic uncle

It's been a whiiiile, right?  I was iconned out for a bit there (still kinda am).  Thank goodness Teen Wolf came back, I needed some Season 3 icons!  Side note: I did not realize I had so many unposted challenge icons... oops.

99 - forgot one (d'oh). Teen Wolf.  12. Harry Potter. 6. Spartacus.  1. Toy Story.  1. Parks & Recreation.  2. 30 Rock.  1. Episodes

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his username is allison? his password is also allison?

I think my style may have evolved again...?  Or maybe I've simply got back to my compositional roots.  Either way, I'm quite pleased with this batch as a whole.  It's been ages since I've finished a 20in20 too.  It's reassuring to know I'm still capable.

47 for twmtv20in20 - Episode 1x12 | Code Breaker (otherwise known as an excuse to icon Peter nonstop and ship Stiles with ALL THE BOYSYou're welcome.)
05 for trueblood_elite - Dramatic Lighting
08 for qaf_elite - Favorites

This batch was heavily, heavily influenced by my favorite icon-maker out there, nyaza, who is a GD magician when it comes to this stuff.

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you know, when you laugh

{61} Harry Potter //  {04} Teen Wolf (OH GOD, the challenge was AU Teen Wolf.  I hate junk like that and crossover-y stuff.  Is it obvious?  *pouts*)  // {03} Fight Club  //  {06} The IT Crowd //  {03}  Black Books  //  {32} Spartacus  //  {52} Supernatural //  {07} Sherlock  //  {10} Merlin  //  {08} The Avengers  //  {02} X-Men: First Class  //  {03} True Blood  //  {03} The Voice  //  {03} Better Off Ted  //  {02} Community  // {04} Suits  //  {02} Chicago Fire

[i can see the outline of your skull]

Okay, these are from my unfinished fandom365days tables (I have three going and I'm at 41/100 for all of them) and my spartacus2010 table (20/100).  I'm going to post them now while I still don't hate them enough to never have them see the light of day.  We're almost there and I don't want all these icons to go to waste.

tw → there are twisted days that i take


requested by halesmoon
Seconded by a few others too *snorts*

I will only be using my own icons in all examples.  :) 
(Yes, some of them are truly terrible but they're good examples of the text I'm trying to explain.

Just as a prelude to all this, I feel I should say: This is my first text tutorial so I really have no idea what I'm doing... forgive me... and I am still a young padawan when it comes to iconning anyway so I'm sure in a few months' time all of this will be wildly different from what I'm doing then.  I'm also going to over-explain because I know when I was looking at text guides (which I did a lot of and I highly recommend, I'll even leave some links to ones I've found helpful at the end) that's what I needed.  Also, in case it's somehow relevant, I use Photoshop CS4.

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i'm living in a womb of reefer

I managed to participate in every (mostly) elite challenge-y thing that I set out as a goal to do once a month (and more even)!  I feel bad that I applied to these places (well, there were two I was just sent invites to - had NO idea they existed) if I'm not going to participate at all, LOL.  So, once a month.  And I managed it! \o/  I shall not be doing a 20in20 again for a VERY long while.  *headdesk*  Dear GAWD this was a lot of icons in a month.  *dies*

Also, Ask the Maker 4.0 is up and running at icon_talk and my thread is here.  I've already been asked for a text guide and two tuts from my Teen Wolf entry of inspired20in20 - one of them is finished here.  If there's anything else you're curious to know, now's the time to ask, my lovelies! ;)

[beware (be a VERY WARY bear) of EPIC rambles]There are a lot of these that I do not like AT ALL (the first of my supernatu_elite entry - WHAT ARE YOU DOING THERE MAKING ME LOOK DUMB?! and all of my 1st whedon_elite entry - why can I not icon places anymore, dammit? Also my the20rings entry and my elite_no1 entries.  GAWD, why do I suck so much sometimes?) and some that I have crazy amounts of love for against all logic and reason (most of my rainbow_elite entry, especially the second one which is dumb because you can't really tell what the subject is unless you already know and the quote isn't even recognizable - srsly, you could watch The Cabin in the Woods eighteen times and still miss it - and it's a bit of a mess anyway BUT I LOVE IT AND I WILL STAB EVERYONE WITH A RUSTY SPOON IF THEY BADMOUTH MY PURPLE CHILD.  I like the last two of my teenwolf_elite entry too because they're just so crisp *happy sigh* and my Teen Wolf capchallenge entries and my second whedon_elite and hpotterelite entries).

I MISSED getting my icons in for elite_no1 by frackin minutes.  Grr.  Ooo, I was mad.  Stupid naps are always ruining my life whilst simultaneously making it better.  Um... I was listening to Brandi Carlile in the midst of making them, she makes me do lyrical things.  She's evil in that brain-take-over (official name) way.

I know in checking these out it looks like I've just watched The Cabin in the Woods and am now obsessed.  NOT TRUE.  I decided to do it for my rainbow_elite entry and then the cap gallery was already open and, well, my laziness knows no bounds.  BUT I thought it was pretty cool that I decided to use the same quote for two icons of Marty and they came out looking wildly different.  LOOK!  I HAVE some RANGE!!!!  Also, Teen Wolf, but - uh - have you seen Tyler Hoechlin?  The fault is not mine but that man's beautiful, beautiful face, ass, hair, abs, mouth, teeth and eyebrows.  I don't even like the show but him + Dylan + ravenous need for Sterek fanfiction = my broken Teen Wolf-y brain.  I am considering suing because mental distress HAS AND IS happening.  I think my case is rested.

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[mini-tutorial thing-y on my Erica icon]

So I wanted to show you guys a little bit of my process because I thought it might kinda sorta possibly be a little bit cool.  I wish I had remembered to save the step right before my final soft lighting/sharpening ritual that I perform on every icon but I for sure forgot.  *headdesk*

Step 1: Cropped & Resized (B.M. - Before Maddie touches it) → Step 2: The every icon Coloring Ritual + some text fun! → Step 3: Coloring with Soft Light → Step 4 (Final): A Butt-load of Textures + Soft Light & Sharpening!
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MONSTER TUTORIAL (i am so not boss enough to be writing tutorials *headdesk*)

Okay, sooo...  I am easily bored.  Like, even more easily bored than I thought and recreating icons I've already made is like the MOST BORING EVER AND OH MY GOD I WANT TO DIE. UGH.  If I saved .psds that would be AMAZEBALLS and then I would know what the mysterious past!me did.  I did not.  So I do not.  / #firsttutorialisutterfail


tutorial for aeriiths

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