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// credit to [info]calrissian18 or [info]booshsploosh
// feedback is always welcome and appreciated - that means concrit, my friends!
// enjoy!
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[39] X-Men: First Class - Erik Lehnsherr (20in20 + 20 alts)
[1] Avengers


Hair PornDespairCharacter StealMonsterScenery
Extreme Neg. SpaceClose CropBlockingComplexUnusual Crop

5 CATEGORY – Colors of the Rainbow - teh suck, grr






#1 Hair Porn - It ended up not fitting the prompt too well after I resized it.  d'oh.  I really only ended up using it here rather than as an AC because I had to smudge out the top of the hair myself.  The screencap cut off the top of his head but it didn't end up looking too unnatural so I kept it here!

#2 Despair - I knew other people had done Erik Lensherr in this comm before and even for this round and there are a few obvious scenes for 'despair' but I don't think this one has been used before so I snatched it up because it fit so well.  I ended up using two levels - I started with the bottom panel and wanted to do those sleek blurred and vertical lines up to the top, Example (hover for credit):
(but I don't really know how to do that - I think it's just smudging up but *shrugs* I don't know that).  I ended up not even attempting because I didn't feel you could see enough details with how small the image was but I didn't want to scrap it because I love the gesture Erik is making so I made the second level with more detail.

#3 Character Steal - I had this idea as soon as I decided who I was going to use for my character steal.  I wanted to have Steve's back overlap into the other image or his shield overlap into the boxing room but it ended up looking... yucky and too bulky, so I scrapped it.  I had a lot of trouble with the lighting on this one too, grr.

#4 Monster - As you can see *ahem* I had A LOT of different ideas for this.  I'm not sure I like the one I actually ended up using.  I kind of like it black & white and I love my AC two for it so at least I knew I did it right the once.

#5 Scenery  - Simple enough.  I had two caps that were perfect for the inspiration 'scenery' so I crammed them both into the same icon.  I don't particularly like the outcome but I do like that I'm trying new things! \o/

#6 Extreme Negative Space - *sigh* I could have done better.  I love negative space and I don't think you can tell from this icon.

#7 Close Crop - I LOVE this icon! - hence all the alts.  *g*  It was utterly accidental.  I was going for the Red in my Category icons and this happened.  The COLORS - the colors!1!!1

#8 Blocking - Meh.  I think I've burned myself out on blocking.  I have no idea what, how or why with it anymore.  *cries*

#9 Complex -  Accident, accident, accident but I LOVE it!  I should make more accidents happen!11!  Strike that.  Unsafe.  I do believe it is my absolute FAVORTIE of the bunch!

#10 Unusual Crop - aadskjf.  I don't know.  I just don't know.  I suck at picking the not-obvious crop.  *headdesk*  I FINALLY came up with this and knew text was needed because otherwise the eyes would shoot to all the obvious flaws in the icon, which was so not okay, but I didn't really have anything to say.  GAH!  At least the font is pretty, right?  *flails*

#11 Category: Red - Why can I NOT do this category challenge?!  I give up!  *collapses*  I don't like a single one of these, grr.

#12 Category: Orange - I don't know.  *headdesk*  Seriously, monochrome is teh suck.  At least this one isn't boring as all get out, LOL.  It is a little washed out though.  *le sigh*

#13 Category: Yellow - Bored.  I'm bored, bored, bored.  But it is very yellow (and kind of green - GAWD, I suck).  I picked another cap that spoke to its category color at least.

#14 Category: Green - Boooring.  Yes, I know.

#15 Category: Blue - There were so many caps that just spoke to blue.  So much so that it almost felt like cheating.  Given that, I decided to keep it simple.

#16 Artist's Choice One - I am win.  I love this icon.  I love the complexity of Emma's prison in the cap and the simplicity and thinness of the text and I love that I actually had something worthwhile to pin on that man's back.  *snorts*  I wish it was more colorful, of course - the COLORS - but it's still rather lovely, I think.

#17 Artist's Choice Two - I like the text placement here - it looks much better without the whole sentence.  I've been trying to improooove on not only that but font choice.  I think I have.  A bit.  Maybe.  LOL.

#18 Artist's Choice Three - The whole idea for this icon, texture, multiple image, etc., was shamelessly stolen from a recent challenge entry in iconflashes.  Their icon looks better, of course - I don't know who made it, the whole nature of the thing is that it's anonymous.  I kind of just wanted to see if I could repeat the process (and I could!  If poorly) and I knew I wanted to use it with Erik in the X-Men outfit because the colors of the texture worked so well with it!

#19 Artist's Choice Four - This is pretty much an alt for extreme negative space.  It was my original idea for that prompt and I... sort of like it, LOL.

#20 Artist's Choice Five - I like the opposing colors here and the rotation of the top level.  Not too shabs.
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