we smart like all peoples (wellhalesbells) wrote in booshsploosh,
we smart like all peoples

ask the maker

I signed up for ASK THE MAKER 4.0 at icon_talk.  Here's my thread.  You're welcome to ask me anything you like - from recreating specific icons to where I find textures/caps/etc., simple Q&As, other tutorials I've found useful, whatever, and I'll try to answer it for you!  I don't know I'll be able to recreate anything exactly - I use textures on almost every icon and I have literally thousands, possibly hundreds of thousands, saved so I have no idea I'll be able to find what I've used.  I definitely know I won't be able to remember it, LOL, and I don't save .psds but I do think I'd be able to give you something comparable or at least come close to it ;)

I doubt anyone will want to recreate the chaos that is my icon-making "process" but I thought I'd put the offer out there! :D

This will never close!  You are always welcome to ask me anything - any icon, any time, any question.

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