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Request it up!


So... I'm thinking I should repay the loyalty you've shown this comm, because you're still here even through my hellish posts where it looks like not only do I have no idea what Photoshop is but also like I've never used my hands before (kind of like in that image up there, LOL - shut up, it's my first time trying to write with that dumb paintbrush).  Basically, I'm offering a request post which I'll leave open through the month of January.  Leave whatever screencap below and I'll make an icon from it.  You can be as vague or as specific as you like.

You can do: Link to cap  | Include this quote: "Chlorophyll!  More like borophyll!"  | Use this technique: Vibrance, Complex Composition, etc. etc. etc. or you can simply link me the cap and you'll have to trust in my vision for it.  Ha ha ha!  *wipes eyes*  If you'd like more than one cap in an icon, I can do that too.  Just make sure to leave links to all the caps you want me to use.

The only requirements here are a screencap and that you're a watcher!

I'll limit this to five requests per person.  Please make sure to separate them clearly so I don't accidentally put the caps together in the same icon instead of making two, three, etc. different ones.  *g*  And thank you so much for the love and support!  *loves everyone in this bar comm*
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