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You were probably thinking, 'Man, she hasn't done a 20in20 in forever.  Does this bitch even icon anymore?'  Well, smarty-pants, yes, I haven't done a 20in20 in - accurate estimate - forever and I haven't posted any new icons in - also - forever.  BUT!  That is only because I've been saving up all my icontest entries for the past two weeks and that came out to be .... tallying, tallying .... 101 effing icons.  So, yeah.  Suck on that.

[27] Harry Potter
[23] The Hobbit
[11] Stock - Cake & Wind & Autumn & Blue!
[2] Firefly
[4] Lord of the Rings
[2] X-Men: First Class
[11] Captain America & Iron Man
[5] True Blood
[1] Dread
[6] The Avengers
[4] The Hunger Games
[5] Merlin

+ [6] Request icons for
xtina_freak  in 3 different sizes (150x150, 128x128, 100x100) - Sorry these are soooo late and fairly ... horrible, LOL, but I did use all of your images at least!  >.<

Sorry, there is a lot of me-blather this time around about what I iconned and why and what challenges they relate to and what I'll be iconning in future.  Feel free to me-ignore. :)  Also, is it unladylike to brag? 'CAUSE I'M GONNA DO IT!!1

wizard_icontest  Week 342: Gary Oldman, Caps - 1st & 2nd place, Three Days Grace - Chalk Outline lyrics - 1st & 2nd place
I've never made so many alternates for wizard_icontest  before.  o.O  I think I be inspired! *giggles*

Week 343: Matthew Lewis - 3rd place & Mod's Choice, Caps - 3rd place, Hunt - Mod's Choice
My awesome hunt challenge was: Charms and Curses. Your icon must depict someone suffering from or casting a charm, curse, hex, jinx, etc. It may also depict the result of a charm or curse while not having a person in it (for instance, the Dark Mark).

shire_icontest: Caps from The Hobbit - 1st place, 2nd place & Best Light
So you could enter up to six icons for this challenge ... but the fucking Hobbit screencaps were goddamn incredible so... yeah.  That happened.  Can you see there were a few styles I wanted to try out, LOL?  And got STUUUUUCKADUCK on?  Levels and circles and levels and circles, muwhahahaha!!1!  Also, COLOOORS!!!  I defy you to not be impressed by the COLORS!  Aaaahahahaah!  Guys, in all seriousness, I might be mad - a mad GENIUS!

total_icontest  had a cake challenge.  I very much like cake. *omynomyyummy sounds* - I forgot to vote *headdesk*

Blue: favesies color!!! - 1st place

iconstillness: Science Fiction & Wind - 2nd place & 2nd place
For some reason the theme of science fiction immediately became Firefly in my brain and I could NOT budge from it.  I'd start thinking, "You know, another thing that might also work and be fun to icon is--"  "FIREFLY, FIREFLY, FIREFLY!!!1!"  Sometimes my inner child is an obnoxious douche that is incapable of listening to anything other than its own inane blathering, LOL.

Not so still this week, haha!

legolasicontest: Tiny Text - 1st place
Meh.  How I feel about these is meh.  Probably because I was too lazy to re-find/download tiny text brushes and/or textures since my hard drive crashed so I just made my fonts tiny.  Literally my least favorite in this WHOLE BATCH won first place too, LOL.  The world has gone TURVY TOPSY, I say!!1!

comicfilmstills: Fake Background - 1st, 2nd and 3rd place + Best Crop & Best Colour
Yeah.  Fake backgrounds.  I'm not too lazy to do that anymore.  Just reminding myself of that fact, LOL.

tellystills: Two Colors - 1st, 2nd and 3rd place + Best Crop & Best Colour
Soooo science fiction becomes Firefly and telly becomes True Blood, LOL.  Who knows these things?

stock_contest: Autumn - Best Coloring
How seasonally appropriate, no?

avengers_stills: Captian America - Comm on hiatus
The first avenger!!! - I don't think I did him justice :(

moviefilmstills: Black & White - 1st & 2nd place + Best Crop
Dread, Harry Potter, and Avengers!!!  Pretty man candy - huzzah! - with a bit lot of focus on boys who not so secretly want to put their mouths on each others' mouths.  Or am I the only one who saw that Steven/Quaid (I watch waaaay too many crap horror films on Netflix, LOL - translation = I've watched EVERY crap horror film on Netflix) and Steve/Tony goodness?

hunger_icontest: Groups - Mockingjay Award
I had a really hard time not only finding group screencaps for this challenge, but finding group screencaps I actually wanted to icon.  Can you tell from the way I cheated in almost every one, LOL?

merlinstills: Free - 1st, 2nd and 3rd place + Best Colour
So... can I icon Merlin without making Merthur icons?  Turns out no.  No, I cannot, LOL.






FOR FUTURE REFERENCE: After watching the season and series premieres this fall, I can tell you three things will be happening for sure: icons of Chicago Fire - I already have headcanon for Severide/Casey and there is no reason for it.  It's not even overtly bromance-y.  (Not that I am not desperately hoping that that is where this goes.)  I am just there.  This is how my brain works now.  Usually I need some even subtle play for it but, nope, they are just two very, VERY attractive men who are not so clearly in love with each other.  LOL.  My head is getting to be a scary place.  Supernatural will be occurring because I need some Destiel icons something FIERCE!  Also, icons of Merlin.  They're not even TRYING anymore, you guys.  Did you see the series five premiere?  The are PANDERING to us Merthur fans without shame!!!1!!  Shall we separate Arthur and Gwen pretty much immediately so he can go off with Merlin? Shall we have Arthur and Merlin sleeping together?  Shall we have them get caught in a net together?  Shall we have Arthur put his hand all over Merlin's mouth?  Shall we have them falling all over each other to die for one another?  Shall we have Arthur be crazy bloody in tune with Merlin's every mood (and have his sole focus be improving those moods)?  Shall we have Merlin forsake fucking EVERYTHING else - basically every single one of his friends - because Arthur might get hurt?  Also, shall we keep on with our show's staple and have them eyefuck the shit out of each other at every possible turn?  All of this is yes and all of this is why I LOVE THE PEOPLE WHO WRITE MERLIN!  So, I'll be iconning THE SHIT out of those things.

... I am working on three tables for
fandom365daysat the moment soooo you may not get to see any of these things until I've completed all 100 icons :(

*ahem* Basically I'm telling you this because if there's something you'd like me to icon aside from those things, now is the time to get them on my radar - if I've watched it before then I'm in without argument.  If I haven't, you'll have to either direct me to a screencap gallery of it (and I'll do a few for you) OR try and sell me on why I should watch it (and I'll do a few for you and keep doing them 'cause now I'm a fan).  Hint: I am a SUCKER for bromances.  If there's something out there with a bromance that I should be watching and I'm not - for the love of all that is holy, TELL ME!  The only thing I know of is Teen Wolf but I don't know if I wanna do that one or not - you know when something gets really popular and people get super annoying about it and you're just SO GLAD that you have no fucking clue what they're talking about? - that's me now.  I'm still enjoying the happy ignorance bubble at the moment.

Oh, and just in case you thought you'd need to ask after it - Harry Potter will pretty much always be in the icon mix because I can't seem to stay away from wizard_icontest  for too long.
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