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// credit to [info]calrissian18 or [info]booshsploosh
// feedback is always welcome and appreciated - that means concrit, my friends!
// enjoy!
// resources

[7] Doctor Who (All from Season 7)
[1] Mulan
[3] Alice in Wonderland (1951 & Tim Burton)
[5] Harry Potter
[4] Sherlock
[3] The Hunger Games
[3] Game of Thrones

I think I forgot how to icon in the wake of losing my hard drive - either that or I'm just too depressed to do it right.  So I hate all of these but I think that's probably inevitable and maybe my next batch will be AMAZING! ... A girl can dream, right?

These are for the first chapter of theiconquest - my first attempt too.  I wanted to have a strong showing for each category so... that was my thinking there.  Hero or Bard is probably where I'm going to end up though, huh?






Tags: [ch] theiconquest, film ♦ alice in wonderland, film ♦ harry potter, film ♦ mulan, film ♦ the hunger games, tv ♠ doctor who, tv ♠ game of thrones, tv ♠ sherlock
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