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I have a new name and a new icon comm!  This one is such a mess that it's making my organizational-self want to strangle my chaotic-self.  I figured rather than try to make sense of this wreckage, I should just flee.  Fleeing is always a good plan.

So.  This comm will no longer be updated (though it will continue to exist since I have no intention of moving over old icons) and new icons will go here:

tw → there are twisted days that i take

101. pay attention



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tw → there are twisted days that i take

301. i don't shave for sherlock holmes

sherlock x9  |  teen wolf x51  |  harry potter x7  |  star trek: into darkness x4  |  orange is the new black x1  | game of thrones x2  | misfits x3  |  skyfall x2  | futurama x2  | community x2  | the sorcerer's apprentice x2  | scott pilgrim vs. the world x3  | reign x5  | breaking bad x8

random post is random.

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tw → there are twisted days that i take

312. Of course it's you.

25. Teen Wolf
07. Star Trek: Into Darkness
06. Game of Thrones
02. Avengers
06. The Hunger Games: Catching Fire

I don't even know, you guys.  Have some hodgepodge.  Got some 20in20s coming up (that I will hopefully finish), which means I need to clear out the random.  I also need to stop doing crap just to get stuff in in time for challenges.  I'm officially making that a resolution!

And don't forget to make your requests >>here<<

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tw → there are twisted days that i take

Request it up!


So... I'm thinking I should repay the loyalty you've shown this comm, because you're still here even through my hellish posts where it looks like not only do I have no idea what Photoshop is but also like I've never used my hands before (kind of like in that image up there, LOL - shut up, it's my first time trying to write with that dumb paintbrush).  Basically, I'm offering a request post which I'll leave open through the month of January.  Leave whatever screencap below and I'll make an icon from it.  You can be as vague or as specific as you like.

You can do: Link to cap  | Include this quote: "Chlorophyll!  More like borophyll!"  | Use this technique: Vibrance, Complex Composition, etc. etc. etc. or you can simply link me the cap and you'll have to trust in my vision for it.  Ha ha ha!  *wipes eyes*  If you'd like more than one cap in an icon, I can do that too.  Just make sure to leave links to all the caps you want me to use.

The only requirements here are a screencap and that you're a watcher!

I'll limit this to five requests per person.  Please make sure to separate them clearly so I don't accidentally put the caps together in the same icon instead of making two, three, etc. different ones.  *g*  And thank you so much for the love and support!  *loves everyone in this bar comm*
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Tutorial #3

emme86 asked me to do a tutorial on this icon and because I actually had the .psd saved (one of like ten - so good choice, emme86!) I was able to provide very fast.  So here we go!

In this tutorial, we'll be going from this:
to this:

[look at all this blather!!!]I should start off by saying that in the original, I was working on a 200x200 canvas and then one of the very last things I did (before adding the text) was to resize it to 100x100 so the line between Derek's panel and Stiles' would appear slightly blurred.  Here, I'll be working on a 100x100 canvas all the way through (because that's the way I saved it and I don't feel like trying to hunt up those caps again) but if you're going to use two or more panels in your icon, you should start on a bigger canvas and then resize so the line separating them won't appear as sharp.

Now we'll be playing about with the Derek cap.

Duplicate, Screen 87%: and then Stamp Visible.  Then comes all the adjustments! Brightness/Contrast = +18/+15, Levels = 8, 1.21, 229, Curves = first point Output 80/Input 69, second point Output 150/Input 120, third point Output 226/Input 178, Vibrance = +76/0 Saturation, Hue/Saturation = Hue 0, Saturation +6, Lightness +10, Color Balance = (Midtones) +21, +11, -9, (Shadows) +11, +8, +5, (Highlights) +9, -17, +11.  After all that, we end up with:

It's looking a little sharp to me, so I chose Gaussian Blur from the Filters and set it at 11.5, then set that layer to Soft Light, 41% to get:

Now for our Gradient.  I made this Gradient:

and set it to Hard Light, 100%.

So here we are:

Here, we'll Stamp Visible and then move on to our adjustments to sharpen and clean up the shadows and whatnot.  Hover over each image to see what I've done.

(I get all my Topaz Clean settings from endearest's Tips & Tricks Guide and then adjust if needed.)  For the High Pass Layer (found in Filter under Other) you would Stamp Visible then duplicate that layer and use High Pass set to .3 and then set the layer to Overlay, 100%.  Stamp Visible.  Then smudge out anything that's too sharp with a 23% strength small-point, round brush Smudge tool.  That's usually the only sharpening I use (High Pass) but this one needed big guns brought in.  *g*

Stamp Visible again and then we're going to use a Black & White gradient with the settings: Linear, -63.43 degrees, and Scale 100% and set it to Soft Light, 100%.  The right side of Derek's face is all washed out from our original gradient, so here I used a black brush on a new layer to color over that side, Gaussian blurred it at a lower setting, and set it to Soft Light and fiddled with the opacity until it looked right.  And we are done fucking with Derek!  \o/  Final image:

Now we move on to our Stiles panel, hooray!  This is really a lot of the same but here we go:
Original: Duplicate, Screen 81%:

Stamp Visible and adjustments! Brightness/Contrast = +12/+11, Levels =11, 1.12, 226, Curves = first point Output 75/Input 69, second point Output 140/Input 118, third point Output 224/Input 195, Vibrance = +77/+3 Saturation, Hue/Saturation = Hue 0, Saturation +3, Lightness +9, Color Balance = (Midtones) +9, -8, -8, (Shadows) +1, -11, +7, (Highlights) -5, -2, -9.  I also used a White to Transparent gradient fill layer (Linear, -153.43 degrees, Scale 100%) set to Soft Light, 26% to lighten it up further.  After all that, we end up with:

I then Gaussian Blurred the image again and set it to Soft Light, 41% to get:

I didn't save the exact gradient I used, because I am dumb but I'm fairly certain they were preset colors and it was something like this:

set to Hard Light, 59%.

Which gives us:

Now for adjustments!  Hover to see what I've done.

And we're done fucking with Stiles!  Put it all together and we come out with:

I used a Black & White gradient fill layer (Linear, 21.8 degrees, Scale 100%) and set it to Soft Light, 40%.

Stamped Visible and Gaussian blurred at 11.5 and set it to Soft Light, 13%.

Now for my text!  I used Archive at 8pt with a 6pt spacing between lines.  Then I rasterized my text and took the same blue gradient that I used on Derek and clipped it to my text layer at Normal, 100% so the text color would also fade from light to dark.

Then I added a Vibrance layer at 100+/0 Saturation and blurred my text using the Blur tool at 10% strength.

And, voila, we're finished!  \o/

Standard disclaimer applies of: I don't know what the fuck I'm talking about and I'm sure there are better ways to do everything I've done here but this was my way of muddling through.  If anything's unclear, please don't hesitate to ask for clarification.  I hope I didn't forget any steps.  If I didn't write it down though (and why wouldn't I have?!) then it's lost somewhere in my brain never to be found again.

tw → there are twisted days that i take

were you lonely?

Okay, so having my little crap attack last post, I decided to really pull out all the stops here (give my nearly 90 watchers *squeeeees incoherently* something for not giving up on me entirely :P - I love each and every one of you SO MUCH).  So I signed up for a 20in20 and really pushed myself to do some interesting shit that I would try my hardest to actually pull off.  God damn do I ever hope I succeeded.  All I can swear is that I really did effing try.  I gave myself the added caveat of making them all A.) compositionally interesting and B.) with text because, you know, I fucking LOVE it.  Some color porn might've happened too.  I don't pretend to know how.

Also, I saved some of the .psds for these so if you want any tuts off this, I can do that!  (If you pick one I saved, lol, I can do any but 'Hot,' 'Nature Far Crop,' 'Yellow,' 'AC1' and all the rejects and maybe 'Text' since I did so much to that even after I was "finished")  I think I just feel bad for not doing icon_talk this time around but I was fairly certain I couldn't recreate 75% of my icons so this is my compromise.  *headdesk*

So the character the lovely and amazeballs setentpet chose for me for character20n20 was Derek.  Which mostly became Derek/Stiles.  I'm not even sorry.

Much thanks to all the nonnies at anon_icon who helped me while I abused the crap out of those LIYM threads!  :P

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