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your heart lives in your vagina

09. Merlin
05. Grey's Anatomy
26. Teen Wolf

Ugh.  Those Merlin ones are uggos.  I clearly forgot how to work with those caps entirely.  *huffs*  And I have no idea why my text entry for teenwolf_elite was all red and black.  o.O

There were so many text challenges (7 Different Fonts for the7days) and teenwolf_elite that I just couldn't resist entering.  *grins*

[my heart does not live in my vagina!]
teen wolf x5

teen wolf x5

teen wolf x5

teen wolf x5

teen wolf x5

teen wolf x1  //  grey's anatomy x4

grey's anatomy x1  //  merlin x4

merlin x5

I've been NOMINATED (what? who? me! why?) in these categories:


I'm completely undeserving of being nominated anywhere (I do know this) but I would love if you all would plus one me in Teen Wolf!!!  It's all I have really, lol.  You all know this.  Pity me with support, please.
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