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dumbledore's man through and through

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{17} Harry Potter :: {1} Supernatural :: {1} Luther :: {9} Shutter Island

wizard_icontest Week 346: Actor: Free - Black & White, Caps, P!nk - Try lyrics
hpotterelite: Gryffindor
malfoy_icontest: Halloween
I was obviously incapable of making this tasteful and just went straight to kitschy, LOL.
nexticon: So glad it went all Supernatural.
capchallenge: Luther - I've never watched the show so why did I put a caption on it? This I cannot answer.
elitetheme: Duplicated

Tags: [ch] capchallenge, [ch] elitetheme, [ch] hpotterelite, [ch] malfoy_icontest, [ch] nexticon, [ch] wizard_icontest, film ♦ harry potter, film ♦ shutter island, tv ♠ luther, tv ♠ supernatural
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